Pork barding fat (different measurements) Barding fat (different measurements)
Pork side - different cuts Side - different cuts
Pork belly - standard or selected cut Belly - standard or selected cut
Pork jowl rind less Jowl rind less
Pork jowl rind on Jowl rind on
Pork trimmings (80/20, 70/30, 60/40, 50/50) Trimmings
(80/20, 70/30, 60/40, 50/50)
Pork front hock Front hock
Pork hind hock Hind hock
Pork head halve (without ears and jowl) Head halve
(without ears and jowl)
Pork mask meat Mask meat
Pork rind Rind
Pork back fat Back fat
Pork cutting fat Cutting fat
Pork soft fat Soft fat
Pork flare fat Flare fat
Pork liver Liver
Pork hearts Hearts
Pork kidneys Kidneys
Pork spleen Spleen
Pork lungs Lungs
Pork feet (front/hind) Feet (front/hind)
Pork ear flaps Ear flaps
Pork femur bones Femur bones
Pork mixed bones Mixed bones